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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Amethyst (30~08~2013 7 p.m.)

Architeuthis dux (29~08~2013 10 p.m.)

H. & R. pose for me (26~08~2013 11 p.m.)

Fawn (25~08~2013 8 p.m.) 

Ross (23~08~2013 midnight)

R.'s hand in the park (22~02~2013 10 p.m.)

My foot, Go board, H.'s foot (21~02~2013 midnight)

DEATH (19~02~2013 11 p.m.)

M. & snails (18~08~2013 11 p.m.)

Clive & earthquakes (16~08~2013 midnight)

Fox & tamarillos (15~08~2013 10 p.m.)

Magnolias of Roy Street (14~08~2013 9 p.m.)

In August 2013 I hit three years of daily drawings.
My birthday is also my drawing anniversary. I knew that the three year mark would be a good time to make a change.

I wanted to free myself of the strict rules I'd been following:
-Draw every day without exception.
-Between midnight and midnight.
-Only from life or from photos I'd taken myself.
-Ink & dip-pen & brush into A5/A4 sketchbooks.
-Image without words.

One of the most high intensity aspects of this project to date has been knowing that everything will be visible.
Therefore, my intention is to have a period of selective publishing.
I'll still be drawing every day, but choosing only the best to post.

Thanks for visiting... Keep watching this space...